EikoTwin Virtual: a support tool for the preparation of your virtual tests with Blender

The first stable version of the blenDIC add-on has been released. It is a photo-realistic image generation tool for setting up and performing virtual tests involving digital image correlation using the open source 3D animation software Blender.

BlenDIC is an open source (GPL) add-on to Blender that encapsulates a large number of tools allowing Blender novice users to set up and validate digital image correlation tests. It enables you to anticipate experimental difficulties and estimate future measurement errors by preparing totally virtual tests to make the right choices upstream.

Find the associated sources freely available on the gitlab page.

The blenDIC tool is one of the elements of our new product EikoTwin Virtual, also composed of a format converter that helps to use the add-on.

Feel free to go and watch the video related to this article! Please contact us for more info.


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