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Reduce development risks

Illustration Eikosim Industries Aero

Producing mature technology in a limited time while reducing development risks is a major challenge for the Aeronautics, Spatial and Defense industries. The tools provided by EikoSim are continuously adapted to take advantage of the most data and to reduce the number of physical tests.

Risk reduction

Full-field measurements allow to detect and explain abnormal behaviors and thus avoid costly consequences on design processes.

Illustration Risk Reduction 1

Toward quantitative image analysis of bird strike tests

  • High-speed acquisition (1000 Hz)
  • 3D out-of-plane motion capture
  • Broad spatial and temporal coverage
  • Better understanding of test conditions
Illustration Risk Reduction 2

Design and validation of laser impact tests

  • Virtual design of the test set-up
  • Prior estimation of measurement uncertainties
  • 3D out-of-plane motion capture
  • Multiphysics analysis

Model calibration

The wealth of information and the natural bridge with simulation provide a fast and straightforward mean of correlation to enrich simulation models, leading to a greater confidence in simulation and to the reduction of physical testing.

Illustration Model Calibration

Digital Image Correlation for lattice structures

  • Alternative to inapplicable traditional measurement methods
  • Capture of local instabilities and strain modes
  • Better understanding of test conditions
  • Direct comparison with simulation


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