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Integrate engineering validation software seamlessly.

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Reduced risks,

Time savings in optimizing the design chain

Less risky and faster decision-making

EikoSim provides engineering validation software for structural mechanics.

Struggling with FEM validation from experimental data? Our software are tailored to address complex validation challenges.

Eikotwin Virtual X2

Specification of a test campaign

EikoTwin Virtual makes it possible to anticipate experimental difficulties by preparing completely virtual trials.

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Eikotwin Vision X2

Implementation of measuring equipment

EikoTwin Vision simplifies image capture by giving the experimenter simple and total control over the cameras.

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Simulation correlation

EikoTwin Lite allows to shorten the time of comparison of tests and simulations,

to limit the approximations and errors typical in the validation of simulation models.

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Eikotwin Dic X2

Data processing

EikoTwin DIC is an image processing software dedicated to the link between measurements and numerical simulations.

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Eikotwin Digtal Twin X2

Comparison test/calcul

EikoTwin Digital Twin enables engineers to improve their simulation by making the most of their test data.

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The digital model at the center of data exchange

A unique environment to accelerate validation and reduce risk

Decision-making based on a validated simulation


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« EikoTwin DIC is a key tool in our path to make simulation validation easier and accelerate developments while limiting risks. We want the design office and the test lab to speak the same language »


Nicolas Swiergiel
Photomechanics expert

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"Importing the measurement results from EikoTwin DIC into Hyperworks was straightforward and easy. This allowed us to make our simulation more predictive very quickly and to determine the correct data set. »


Julien Tersac
Ingénieur simulation/CAE Engineer

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As part of the technological research projects we are conducting on architectural materials, test-computation correlation is essential to exploit sometimes complex tests and validate models, from the simple specimen to the technology demonstrator. Eikosim's tools have enabled us to carry out field measurements on lattice structures, understand the deformation mechanisms, and make the link very easily with the models we have developed. This last point was fundamental to demonstrate the validity of the models.

Ludovic Barrière
Chef de projet

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