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EikoTwin Lite

EikoTwin Lite is a validation software that uses virtual strain gauges to compare sensor measurements and FE simulations.


It allows to shorten considerably the time of comparison of tests and simulations, and to limit the approximations and errors typical of these stages of validation without virtual strain gauges.

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EikoTwin Lite is available on the Altair Partner Alliance Platform


  • Quickly aggregate sensors around a simulation result
  • One-click comparison and analysis


  • Local & global visualization of test/simulation differences
  • Estimate errors due to sensor positioning


  • Cut most of the graph creation time
  • Remove approximations and human errors
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Applications and tutorials

FE simulation correlation: a dedicated platform


As an engineer, correlation of and FE simulation often requires lots of data management within Excel or with in-house python scripts. As the European leader in space launchers, Ariane Group participates with EikoSim in multiple Research and Development projects, including a RAPID R&D project (“MUTATION”) funded by the Direction Générale de l’Armement. This project aims…

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Simulation validation in Excel, it’s over!

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By Florent Mathieu, Ceo of EikoSim Ever wondered why you have to perform simulation validation of strain gauges in Excel ? In order to build more confidence in more refined simulation models, simulation models have to be backed up by a lot more real-world data, in order to avoid large design margins: teams now have…

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