Meet the team


Philosophie Entreprise Eikosim

EikoSim is committed to developing and providing its customers with the use of imaging techniques, in order for them to gain a better understanding of their mechanical tests, and to facilitate the validation stage of their numerical simulations.

Through its expertise and close links to the research laboratory LMT (Laboratory of Mechanics and Technology, ENS Paris-Saclay), EikoSim helps engineers to promote mechanical tests by providing innovative software solutions in order to integrate test data in the numerical design chain.

The team


Florent Mathieu

Co founder - CEO

Renaud Gras

Co founder - CTO

Team Sales / Marketing

Sana Ben Youssef

Office Manager

Pierre Bole

Head of Sales

Elisa Perozzi

Strategic & Digital Marketing Manager

Philippe Brammer

R&D engineer

Floriane Soulas

R&D engineer

Research Team

Clara Minguet

Research engineer

Pierre Baudoin

R&D engineer

Paul Nicolino

 Mechanical Engineer

Myriam Berny

R&D engineer

Arthur Burel

Mechanical Engineer

Lucas Angénieux

Research engineer

Development Team

Camille Vallaux

Development engineer

Rémi Pignol

Development engineer

Djedjiga Ayouaz

Development engineer