Automotive & Rail

Reduce development risks

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Reducing physical testing times, in particular for endurance certification, is a major challenge in the Automotive and Rail industries. The tools provided by EikoSim are continuously adapted to capture and process test responses and to optimize the use of test capacities.

Test monitoring

Full-field measurements allow for an enhanced supervision of tests, leading to time saving with respect to traditional inspection procedures.

Digital Image Correlation For Production Monitoring

Digital Image Correlation for production monitoring

  • Capture of the entire 3D kinematics
  • Comparison with the test bench signal
  • Better understanding of test conditions
  • Highlighting of an evolution of the response over the cycles
Validation Of A Mechanical Test

Validation of a mechanical test

  • Capture of the 3D kinematics of the assembly
  • Focus on zones of interest
  • Better understanding of test condition
  • Export in simulation format

Model calibration

The wealth of information and the natural bridge with simulation provide a fast and straightforward mean of correlation to enrich simulation models, leading to a greater confidence in simulation and to the reduction of physical testing.

EikoTwin DIC And The Measurement Of Small Strains

EikoTwin DIC and the measurement of small strains

  • 3D motion capture
  • Small strains measurement
  • Direct comparison with the simulation
  • Update of the simulation to match experimental conditions


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