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EikoTwin Virtual

EikoTwin Virtual allows you to anticipate experimental difficulties by preparing completely virtual DIC tests.

The use of DIC on complex structures is often limited by the use of cameras in geometrically complex environments. Based on the open source software Blender, EikoTwin Virtual allows to prevent these problems and to estimate future measurement errors. The use of virtual DIC scenes widely improve chances to make the right choices before the test.


  • Creation of a complete test scene from the meshes of the structure and its environment.
  • Realistic adjustment of lighting and textures.
  • Export of realistic images and test layout plans.


  • Conversion of the finite element mesh to a dedicated format.
  • Import of native or generic formats.
  • Deformation of structures according to a finite element simulation result to model displacements.


  • Exports series of "distorted" images directly exploitable in image processing.
  • Estimation of the expected errors in displacements and communication with the design office.

Applications et tutorials

Crash-test and image correlation: how to measure seat deformations and follow the dummy’s movements

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Crash-tests are a crucial step in the development and certification of products, especially for the automotive, aeronautical and railway industries. These tests simulate collision or impact scenarios in order to evaluate the resistance and safety of products. Among the equipment used to perform these tests is the reverse catapult, which is a device that projects…

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How ArianeGroup improves simulation credibility with EikoTwin and DIC


Simulation credibility is a key aspect of the Virtual Testing concept. As the European leader in space launchers, Ariane Group participates with EikoSim in multiple Research and Development projects, including a RAPID R&D project (“MUTATION”) funded by the Direction Générale de l’Armement. This project aims at developing an industrial platform for test-simulation dialogue to meet…

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Preparation of your Digital Image Correlation test with Blender


By Clara Minguet, Research engineer at EikoSim This article invites you to care about an unexpected topic: the preparation of a digital image correlation test with Blender. While research articles do not always mention this aspect of digital image correlation measurements, test preparation is a crucial step in the procedure. The aim is to ensure…

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EikoTwin Virtual: a support tool for the preparation of your virtual tests with Blender

Image (1)

By Clara Minguet, Research engineer at EikoSim The first stable version of the blenDIC add-on has been released. It is a photo-realistic image generation tool for setting up and performing virtual tests involving digital image correlation using the open source 3D animation software Blender. BlenDIC is an open source (GPL) add-on to Blender that encapsulates a…

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