Capitalise on your mechanical tests

Simplify the validation step

of your simulations


your development costs

Bridge the gap between tests and simulations

Corrélation d'Images Numériques

Rich measurements based on imaging

Dialogue essai-calcul

Integration of the tests to the simulation-based design chain

Validation de la simulation numérique

Reduced risks and validation efforts

EikoSim provides software and expertise for numerical simulation validation in mechanics.

Originating from the LMT research laboratory (Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie, ENS Paris-Saclay), we set up and operate Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques for test/simulation dialogue on structures.


A scientific expertise to support you

The EikoSim team supports you in the set-up and data analysis of your tests  instrumented with imaging techniques.

Software products

Imaging techniques for a better understanding of the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures

Software solutions of full-field displacement measurement and identification of mechanical behaviour in 2D, 3D on a surface and in a volume.

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9 rue Dareau - 75014 Paris


9 rue Dareau
75014 Paris

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