• By Elisa Perozzi, Strategic & Digital Marketing Manager at EikoSim

EikoSim is committed to reducing the gap between tests and simulation, by developing and transmitting to its customers the use of innovative tools for the validation of their numerical simulations.

Thanks to its expertise and its close link with the LMT research laboratory (ENS Paris-Saclay), EikoSim helps engineers to enhance the value of mechanical tests by proposing innovative software to integrate test data into the digital design chain.

How EikoSim bridges the gap between tests and simulations

To meet the ever-increasing challenges faced by the major mechanical industries, EikoSim works hand in hand with its partners and customers to identify pain points and provide state-of-the-art solutions for validation processes.

In this video you will discover how, with our EikoTwin software suite, we enable risk reduction, time savings, design chain optimisation and less risky and faster decision making based on your numerical simulations.

We want to thank the participants to this video

Our team is pleased to present this video which will allow you to better understand our philosophy and our way of working.

We would like to thank for the testimonials:

  • Frédéric Laurin, Research scientist at Onera
  • Nicolas Swiergiel, Photomechanics Expert at ArianeGroup
  • Ludovic Ballère, Expert in simulation of composite structures at ArianeGroup