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Develop new skills now.

A new technology implies mastering new skills for your team. EikoSim diagnoses your needs and proposes an adapted training program. Whether you are one of our clients or you're just interested in these technologies, you can acquire new skills right now.

Discover our customizable training offer :

Setting up DIC in a testing environment

You will learn to : 

  • understand theoretical aspects of DIC
  • setting up a standard DIC system

Content : 

  • Why imaging methods ?
  • In-test implementation
  • Image processing
  • Post-processing of measurement results

Duration : 1 day

CIN multi-caméras

Test-simulation dialog : basics and tools

You will be able to : 

  • understand the theoretical aspects of test/simulation comparison
  • discover simulation updating methods and their field of application

Content : 

  • Test/simulation comparison, with what data and with what uncertainty ?
  • Taking into account test conditions in a simulation
  • Finite Element Model Updating
  • Uncertainty propagation and quality evaluation

Duration : 1 day

Image-assisted test design

You will learn to : 

  • prepare the instrumentation and testing conditions in order to obtain the sought quantity of interest

Content : 

  • Refreshments : the basics of Digital Image Correlation
  • Principles of parameter identification
  • Uncertainty computation and propagation
  • A priori test design : how to optimize a test to minimise identification uncertainty ?
  • Design de l'essai a priori : comment optimiser l'essai pour diminuer l'incertitude sur la quantité recherchée ?

Duration : 1 day

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