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Digital image correlation (DIC) & EikoTwin DIC

Digital image correlation (DIC) theory

  • DIC benefits for mechanical tests
  • Main approaches of DIC
  • Stereocorrelation measurements and global multiviews
  • Sources of uncertainties
Théorie De La Corrélation D’images Numériques (CIN)

Good digital image correlation (DIC) test practices and EikoTwin Vision software

  • Good practices rules for tests instrumented by DIC
  • Application of a paint speckle pattern
  • Instrumentation of a DIC test
  • Images recording with EikoTwin Vision
Bonnes Pratiques D’essai En Corrélation D’images Numériques (CIN) Et Le Logiciel EikoTwin Vision

EikoTwin DIC software

  • Digital image correlation theory
  • Features presentation and software adoption
  • Applications: Displacement measurements and test/simulation comparison
Le Logiciel EikoTwin DIC

Refresher training on EikoTwin DIC software

  • Feedback on software adoption
  • New software features presentation
  • Displacement measurements and test/simulation comparison on a complex case
Remise À Niveau Sur Le Logiciel EikoTwin DIC

The thermal plugin of EikoTwin DIC software

  • Infrared thermography theory
  • Plugin features presentation on EikoTwin DIC
  • Temperature measurements and test/simulation comparison on a test instrumented by IR cameras
  • Use of the plugin coupling kinematic and thermal measurements
Le Plugin Thermique Du Logiciel EikoTwin DIC Eng

Test/simulation dialog & EikoTwin Digital Twin

Test/simulation dialog theory

  • Test/simulation dialog benefits for mechanical simulations
  • Main families of identification methods
  • FEMU-U identification approach
  • Multicriteria and multitests identification
Théorie Du Dialogue Essai Calcul Eng

EikoTwin Digital Twin software

  • Test/simulation dialog theory
  • Features presentation and software adoption
  • Applications: Boundary conditions updating and material parameter identification
Le Logiciel EikoTwin Digital Twin

Tests virtualization & EikoTwin Virtual

EikoTwin Virtual software

  • Virtual test benefits for digital image correlation
  • Blender software adoption
  • Virtual tests creation with EikoTwin Virtual
Le Logiciel EikoTwin Virtual