The Autumn 2022 release of the EikoTwin suite is available. Discover the details of the new features!

On the menu of the EikoTwin Autumn 2022 release, new features for all the software of the suite! Discover the main new features below.

Release EikoTwin 2022

These improvements are also made available in EikoTwin DIC and EikoTwin Digital Twin.

  • Import of instrumentation (list of sensors) directly on the mesh without manual creation
  • Import of multi-sensor csv files
  • Creation of “profile” sensors
  • Display and export of test-simulation differences on all sensors
  • Positioning of “free” sensors between the mesh nodes
  • Plot of graphs enriched with new styles
Release EikoTwin 2022
  • Ansys: reading of meshes (.cbd format)
  • Automated import of a series of csv files
  • Automation of templates upon camera creation
  • General interface improvements

Release EikoTwin 2022
  • Ansys: reading of meshes (.cbd format) and simulation results (.rst format)
  • Retraction of the rigid body in translation+rotation
  • Correction of optical distortions when using ChaRuCo targets

Release EikoTwin 2022
  • Redesign of the calculation of sensitivity analyses, weighted according to a Bayesian approach
  • Export of an identifiability report for the studied parameters (definition of an identifiability limit)
  • Study of couplings between parameters via the display of the correlation matrix between parameters
  • Samcef: management of the “Asef” mode (linear calculations)
  • Abaqus: “free” parameterization via *parameters, especially for the use of UMAT subroutines

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