EikoSim Joins the Altair Partner Alliance to Increase Its Footprint Among Simulation Customers

EikoSim today announced that it has become a member of  the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), to provide its image analysis and simulation validation tools to Altair simulation software customers. This partnership came together after EikoSim’s efforts to develop compatibility between its EikoTwin software and Altair’s simulation suite, giving Altair customers access to full-field validation data.

During the design process, CAE engineers often uncover discrepancies between simulation results and test data generated for validation purposes. This can result in protracted discussions between simulation and test teams, potentially leading to an increase in the number of tests, which can be extremely costly in a development project.

“Image analysis allows access to a huge quantity of novel measurement data. Most validation processes are laborious for a lack of measurement information with which to compare the simulation. Our tools allow the users to look at the test differently, without having to rely on unsure test hypotheses such as stress homogeneity and reliable boundary conditions. It’s really eye-opening on the reality of tests and how this impacts CAE predictions,” says Florent Mathieu, CEO of EikoSim.

EikoSim gives project leaders the answers they need to iterate quickly and obtain simulations that correspond to tests. Julien Tersac, CAE Engineer at Faurecia, confirms that “importing the measurement results from EikoTwin DIC into Altair HyperWorks™ was straightforward and easy. This allowed us to make our simulation more predictive very quickly and to determine the correct data set.”

“EikoTwin DIC is a key tool in our path to make simulation validation easier and accelerate development while limiting risks. We want the design office and the test lab to speak the same language” states Nicolas Swiergiel, Photomechanics Expert at ArianeGroup.

“We’re thrilled to have EikoSim and its digital imaging technology join the Altair Partner Alliance. EikoTwin augments the Altair solution offering by providing increased value through an expanded ecosystem of third-party solutions,” says Myriam Mouyal, Senior Director, Partner Alliance and Strategic Relationships.

With this partnership, Altair and EikoSim aim at ensuring confidence in simulation, helping to reduce iteration loops between simulations and tests and avoid possible additional testing.

About EikoSim

EikoSim was founded in 2016, following research work focusing on image processing techniques for mechanics, specifically Digital Image Correlation (DIC). This technology allows its users to measure full-field displacements and strains of tested parts.

While this technology was initially impractical and unadapted for industrial use, EikoSim have shown how this technology can be useful to consider some of the simulation engineers’ most pressing pain points during the validation phase. A few years later, EikoTwin DIC is now in daily use at some of the largest European Aerospace companies, like Safran and ArianeGroup.

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