EikoSim announces partnership with simulation leader Ansys

EikoSim has recently announced a strategic integration partnership with Ansys, the global leader in engineering simulation. The collaboration aims at developing the field of simulation validation by incorporating EikoSim’s advanced image analysis and simulation validation tools with Ansys® Mechanical™ and Ansys® LS-DYNA®simulation softwares, benefiting Ansys’ extensive customer base.

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This partnership was forged through EikoSim’s efforts to establish seamless compatibility between its cutting-edge EikoTwin software and Ansys’ powerful simulation suite. By successfully integrating these technologies, Ansys customers can now leverage the capabilities of EikoSim’s image analysis tools and gain access to comprehensive full-field validation data.

During the product design and development process, CAE engineers often encounter discrepancies between simulation results and test data generated for validation purposes. These discrepancies can lead to prolonged discussions and debates between simulation and test teams, ultimately resulting in an increased number of tests. This not only consumes valuable time but also incurs substantial costs within the development project.

EikoSim’s innovative image analysis tools offer a breakthrough solution by providing access to a vast amount of novel measurement data. Traditional validation processes often suffer from a lack of precise measurement information for comparison with simulations. However, EikoSim’s tools enable users to examine tests from a fresh perspective. By doing so, they reveal invaluable insights into the reality of tests and shed light on how they directly impact CAE predictions.


Florent Mathieu, the CEO of EikoSim, emphasizes the transformative nature of their tools, stating, “Our tools allow users to look at the test differently, without having to rely on unsure test hypotheses such as stress homogeneity and reliable boundary conditions. It’s really eye-opening on the reality of tests and how this impacts CAE predictions.”

EikoSim’s comprehensive solutions empower project leaders by providing them with the accurate information and data needed to iterate quickly and achieve simulations that closely correspond to real-world test results. Julien Schneider, a Composite Materials Expert at Safran, attests to the effectiveness of EikoSim’s solutions: “We welcome this news with great interest, having worked with EikoSim for a long time, and having recently chosen ANSYS Workbench as our simulation toolbox at Safran Aircraft Engines, this partnership will enable us to further increase our synergies in simulations and test/simulation dialogue.”

“By partnering with EikoSim, Ansys aims to enhance the connection between physical testing and virtual design. This provides our customers the advantages of improved accuracy and confidence in their simulations, thereby reducing iterations between simulations and tests and leading to improved product development processes and superior engineering outcomes.” says Alexander Pett, Product Management Manager for Structural Simulation at Ansys.

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Founded in 2016, EikoSim originated from extensive research focused on image processing techniques for mechanics, specifically Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Initially considered impractical and unsuitable for industrial use, EikoSim’s dedication transformed this technology into a practical solution for addressing the most pressing pain points faced by simulation engineers during the validation phase.

Today, EikoTwin DIC, the flagship product of EikoSim, has been adopted by major European aerospace companies, including Safran and ArianeGroup, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and indispensable tool in the industry. EikoSim’s continuous innovation and commitment to revolutionizing validation techniques position them as a frontrunner in the field, driving advancements that benefit engineers and organizations across various sectors.

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