Safran Aircraft Engines trusts EikoSim with EikoTwin

  • By Elisa Perozzi, Strategic & Digital Marketing Manager at EikoSim

Julien Schneider is an expert at the Composites Industrial Center of Excellence at Safran Aircraft Engines, and he tells us about his experience with our software EikoTwin.

Safran Aircraft eikotwin

What is EikoTwin?

The EikoTwin software allows to implement a test/calculation dialogue during the development of industrial mechanical products. Based on innovative image processing technologies, EikoTwin aims at bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

The need for simulation-based testing at Safran

Julien Schneider tells us that “At Safran Aircraft Engines, we are currently developing new innovative proposals for tomorrow’s aviation, particularly in the field of composite materials, which is one of the group’s areas of expertise. In this context, it is important to be able to quickly test concepts through simulation and to carry out development tests to guide future iterations. This test/calculation correlation step is crucial for decision making, but often difficult to master in the case of complex structures such as ours.

We have been relying on imaging for the past twenty years, and in particular on Digital Image Correlation, to gather more information from our tests and reduce the risks associated with this validation phase. Nevertheless, this mass of metrological information poses real problems of numerical continuity, due to the lack of tools and processes to exploit it.”

Safran’s LEAP engine

EikoTwin and its success in Safran’s work

According to Julien Schneider’s experience with EikoTwin, “In order to accelerate the test-calculation dialogue, Safran relies on the EikoTwin tool, which naturally integrates the compatibility constraints with our various finite element simulation tools. With EikoSim, we are building a validation environment based directly on the needs of the engineers who develop the product. The EikoSim team is listening to develop industrial tools adapted to the new situations we encounter daily on these products.

These tools allow us to dialogue between the test and simulation data formats, but also facilitate the discussion between those who handle them. Thanks to EikoTwin we can quickly learn more from the tests we carry out on demonstrators, in order to produce more predictive simulations, and in particular by identifying the boundary conditions closest to reality.”

Who is EikoSim?

Since 2016 EikoSim is committed to develop with its customers the use of imaging for the processing of their mechanical tests. The company’s offer allows to improve the validation of their numerical simulations. EikoSim helps engineers to better leverage mechanical tests, by proposing to integrate test data in the numerical design chain.


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