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EikoTwin DIC

EikoTwin DIC is an image processing software dedicated to the link between measurements and numerical simulations.

It uses a patented measurement technology to provide automatic test-simulation comparison. It allows the determination of model errors and the identification of error sources


  • Image processing (digital image correlation) based on the finite element mesh.
  • Automatic calibration around the mesh.
  • Multi-view (no technical limit to the number of cameras).


  • Many directly accessible fields: displacements, strains, residual (at pixel scale) on the surface of the part.
  • Export of figures that can be used directly in your presentation.


  • Virtual sensors (displacement, strain gauges).
  • Immediate test/simulation comparison based on finite element simulation results.


Ariane Groupe

As part of the technological research projects we are conducting on architectural materials, test-computation correlation is essential to exploit sometimes complex tests and validate models, from the simple specimen to the technology demonstrator. Eikosim's tools have enabled us to carry out field measurements on lattice structures, understand the deformation mechanisms, and make the link very easily with the models we have developed. This last point was fundamental to demonstrate the validity of the models.

Nicolas Swiergiel

Photomechanics expert

Applications and tutorials

Mastering self-calibration with EikoTwin-DIC

Capture7ArticleBonnespratiquesd'etalonnage Anglais

To provide accurate digital image correlation (DIC) results, the EikoTwin-DIC software must first calibrate the camera system. This is made using images of the structure in its reference state (unloaded). Using these images, the software determines the intrinsic parameters (the cameras focal lengths, optical centers, skews) and extrinsic parameters (camera positions and orientations in the…

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EikoTwin DIC gets its 1.2 update !


Version 1.2 of EikoTwin DIC is available ! Here is a short-list of the main updates : EikoTwin DIC welcomes hybrid calibration! More robust (especially in the case of near-plane specimens), this new technique allow to calibrate separately your cameras intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, thanks to a one-of-a-kind calibration target. For more information, please contact…

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Design and validation of laser impact tests

Capture D’écran 2020 06 08 À 11.19.39

Redactors: C.Minguet, F.Mathieu – EikoSim ; E.Chalumeau – ALPhANOV ; F.Hild – Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS ; R.Peiffer, S.Carpier – MBDA ALPhANOV[1], optics and lasers technology centre based in Talence since 2007, and MBDA[2], European leader in the Defence sector, have had a joint laboratory since 2019 for laser-matter interaction comprised of a cabin equipped with a…

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What is a good DIC speckle pattern ?

Capture D’écran 2020 02 28 À 10.35.15

In another article, we talked about the different techniques for creating a speckle pattern in digital image correlation, including the ability to vary the size and nature of the spots projected on the piece. But what size should your speckle pattern be? There is no “good” or “bad” speckle, or rather one cannot judge the…

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Detection monitoring of a crack : DIC, a choice tool

Cartographie Résidus

Context Some structures have a long service life from commissioning to replacement. These structures, when they have a fundamental role, must be able to maintain their physical integrity throughout their service life. To do this, it is essential to ensure their reliability over time. In the case of such structures as metal water pipes, different…

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Digital Image Correlation for lattice structures

Suivi Caméra

Application of digital image correlation to tests on lattice structure obtained by additive manufacturing Interest in lattice structures is growing rapidly for the development of aeronautical and space components in particular. In addition to the significant mass gains they allow to consider, they offer the possibility of optimising their behaviour based on their constituent patterns….

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