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Eikotwin Dic X2

Model-based image processing

Model-based image


EikoTwin DIC

EikoTwin DIC is an image processing software dedicated to the link between measurements and numerical simulations.

It uses a patented measurement technology to provide automatic test-simulation comparison. It allows the determination of model errors and the identification of error sources


  • Image processing (digital image correlation) based on the finite element mesh.
  • Automatic calibration around the mesh.
  • Multi-view (no technical limit to the number of cameras).


  • Many directly accessible fields: displacements, strains, residual (at pixel scale) on the surface of the part.
  • Export of figures that can be used directly in your presentation.


  • Virtual sensors (displacement, strain gauges).
  • Immediate test/simulation comparison based on finite element simulation results.

"Thermal" plug-in

  • This add-on to EikoTwin DIC bridges the gap between kinematic measurements and infrared thermography.
  • Import infrared images directly into your digital model
  • Correlate the results with your thermomechanical simulation.
Plugin Batch

"Batch mode" plug-in

  • This tool multiplies the power of EikoTwin DIC by allowing batch processing of image series.
  • Process all your measurements in a batch process and increase the value you get from EikoTwin DIC.


Ariane Groupe

« EikoTwin DIC is a key tool in our path to make simulation validation easier and accelerate developments while limiting risks. We want the design office and the test lab to speak the same language »

Nicolas Swiergiel

Photomechanics expert

« Importing the measurement results from EikoTwin DIC into Hyperworks was straightforward and easy. This allowed us to make our simulation more predictive very quickly and to determine the correct data set. »

Julien Tersac

CAE Engineer
Safran Due

« This allows us to be much more confident in the validation of our technologies and will lead us to propose a mature solution to our customers more quickly. »

Benjamin Lacombe

Mechanical Design Engineer

Applications and tutorials

Digital image correlation for automotive structures


Context In the context of monitoring large-scale production automotive parts, many parts are subjected to repeated tests to ensure their integrity once they are put into service. Thus, the test that we address in this paper is dedicated to the “gust of wind” tests of an opening structure (see Figure 1). Loading tests on a…

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Thermal plugins from the EikoTwin suite

Thermal Plugins EikoTwin

In order to meet the specific needs of customers and to extend the use of the EikoTwin software suite to other fields of activity, EikoSim has developed two new optional plugins: the DIC and DT thermal plugins. As their names suggest, DIC thermal plugin can be used in EikoTwin DIC software and DT thermal plugin…

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EikoTwin DIC and the measurement of small strains

small strains

Innovation in the automotive industry Innovation is at the heart of the automotive industry: autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, advanced equipment, etc. In order to reinvent themselves and remain competitive, it is necessary for automotive industries to innovate and develop new technologies. It is therefore essential for these companies to perform realistic simulations. The objective is…

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The Batch mode: a new EikoTwin DIC plugin

Plugin Batch

In order to continuously improve the features offered by EikoTwin DIC software, EikoSim has developed a new optional plugin: the Batch mode. It enables to launch, through a configuration file prepared beforehand, the pre-calibration, calibration and displacement measurement for several EikoTwin DIC projects in EKT format. This partial automation of the data processing ensures significant…

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IRT Saint-Exupéry trusts us with our software : EikoTwin

IRT Saint Exupery

Ludovic Barrière is Project Manager at IRT Saint-Exupéry, he tells us about his experience with our software: EikoTwin DIC and EikoTwin Digital Twin. The software EikoTwin DIC in a few words EikoTwin DIC is an image processing software dedicated to the link between measurements and numerical simulations. It uses a patented measurement technology to provide…

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Safran Ceramics trusts EikoSim with the “Thermal” plug-in

Thermal plug-in

Benjamin Lacombe is a Mechanical Design Engineer at Safran Ceramics. He tells us about his experience with EikoTwin DIC and the development of the “Thermal” plug-in. « I work at Safran Ceramics, Safran group’s center of excellence for high-temperature composites. We are in charge of developing high-temperature solutions for tomorrow’s aircraft. We conduct a large number…

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