EikoTwin Digital Twin gets its 1.1 update !

Version 1.1 of EikoTwin Digital Twin is available! To obtain it, please contact your local EikoSim contact point. In particular, two structural improvements are on the menu:

  • The appearance of the Step Designer, a dedicated interface for preparing your enhanced simulation. It will allow you to visualize and control the preparation phase of your simulation: management of existing boundary conditions and creation of measured boundary conditions, selection of optimal loading steps.
  • The possibility to carry out a multi-criteria identification (displacement, effort) to find the simulation parameters that best fit the measurement data set.
Step Designer Interface

The interface continues to improve, including :

  • Use of virtual extensometers and import of measurements from physical extensometers;
  • Computation of principal deformations;
  • Definition of a cylindrical reference system;
  • Display of a “ruler” grid in the 3D view.
Capture (1)
Interface reorganization

In parallel, the development team is still working on the next version of EikoTwin DIC which will arrive in May. The R&D team is preparing important improvements for use on structure cases, in particular :

  • A calibration procedure more suitable for large structures;
  • A more efficient shape measurement step for large shape deviations.

Stay tuned and see you in May!

Renaud Gras

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