EikoTwin DIC gets its 1.2 update !

Version 1.2 of EikoTwin DIC is available ! Here is a short-list of the main updates :

  • EikoTwin DIC welcomes hybrid calibration! More robust (especially in the case of near-plane specimens), this new technique allow to calibrate separately your cameras intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, thanks to a one-of-a-kind calibration target. For more information, please contact your EikoSim sales advisor.
  • Strains are more comprehensive : you can now plot principal strain fields, and differences between measured and simulated strain fields.
  • The graph interface was made more customizable, to avoir having to export data to another software to have the plot you need.

Other minor upgrades were added :

  • Export to HWASCII format allows reading your DIC results in the Hyperworks suite.
  • Export/import of projection matrices make you able to calibrate your camera system on a different part that the one you’re testing.
  • User presets are available, and notably allow to set language preferences.
  • Keyboard shortcut now allow to be more efficient while using the EikoTwin DIC interface.
  • Our video content (Youtube) are now accessible from the interface.

The development team continues working on the next EikoTwin Digital Twin release, that will be available at the end of the year. The next (1.3) version of EikoTwin DIC will be available in December. Next updates include new import and export formats, performances and data handling improvements, and functionalities that will help you estimate further your measurement quality.

Renaud Gras
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