EikoTwin DIC 1.3 is available!

On the menu of the main improvements of this first update of the year 2021 :

  • Reduced computation times and lighter results. Emphasis has been placed on computation performance and storage in EKT files.
  • New “Batch” mode. It will allow you to perform a series of calculations directly with EikoTwin DIC. Do not hesitate to contact your EikoSim contact point for a demonstration of this plug-in!
  • New “Thermal” plug-in. This plug-in is designed to allow the input of infra-red camera images and to manage temperature sensors directly in EikoTwin DIC. Make the link between temperature and strains, and retrieve this measured information directly on your finite element mesh. Feel free to get closer to your EikoSim contact point for a demonstration of this plug-in.
  • Import of new mesh formats:
    • h3d (Altair HyperWorks)
    • dat (Samcef) with non-linear elements and orientations
    • msh (GMSH), support of the 4.1 format (version 4.0 not included).
  • Redesign of the graph system: new customization options (colors, legends, axes, titles); export of graphs in PNG format.
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The EikoTwin DIC interface has also been enriched with many features requested by users:

  • Selection of the measurement mesh:
    • new selection mode by area / angle;
    • new mode “select all / deselect all“.
  • New displacement export in odb format.
  • Import of sensor series: HBM format (.asc). This functionality is the subject of a plugin to be obtained on simple request from your EikoSim contact point.
  • Automatic reloading of images when moving an entire project folder.
  • Arrival of an installer to facilitate the installation on new workstations.
  • Switch to Flexnet licenses for better compatibility with certain IT environments.
  • New manuals for all EikoTwin products.

The next update (1.4) will include further improvements on computational robustness. It will be accompanied by a new version of EikoTwin Digital Twin, enriched and more powerful.

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