We believe in smarter simulations

Full software suite from test to simulation

Global field measurement

Correction of the simulation model

Eikotwin DIC

Take full advantage of mechanical tests…

  • Multi-camera image processing
  • Test/simulation direct comparison
  • Test data assembled around the digital model
Eikosim Essais
Eikotwin Digital Twin

… and accelerate model validation.

  • Test data automatically assembled for validation
  • « Augmentation » of the simulation model from measurements
  • Automated identification of the simulation parameters
Eikosim Validation Modele

Using EikoTwin provides you:

Eikotwin Solution 1

Technical benefits

  • Richer, full-field measurement data
  • Visualization of displacement and strain maps of complex parts
  • Easier simulation choices, without trial-and-error
  • Fast identification of model error sources

Program benefits

  • Processing of all test and simulation data in a unique integrated solution
  • Reduction of the risks of delay
  • Overall development cost cuts
Eikotwin Solution 2

A team dedicated to your success

Eikosim Team
  • « Proof of concept » study, adapted to your own success criteria
  • Custom training and competence-building program
  • Evolution of the software solutions according to your needs

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