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A Digital Twin allows:

Risk reduction

Time savings in the optimization of the product design

Less risky and faster decision-making


A complex and cumbersome traditional validation process

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The digital mock-up at the centre of data exchange

With Eikotwin


The digital mock-up at the centre of data exchange

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A unique environment to accelerate validation and reduce risk

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Decision-making based on a validated simulation

Digital Image Correlation validation

A Digital Twin to back up your simulation

Simulation validation today is often a long and energy-consuming part of the CAE engineers’ job. Teams have to confront larger simulation models to larger amounts of test data. We believe that optical methods are a way to drastically increase confidence in simulations. But they alone will not bridge the gap between simulation and testing. A Digital Twin is a robust way to ensure model validation, thus allowing to avoid physical tests and rely more on simulation.

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Technical benefits


  • Richer, full-field measurement data
  • Visualization of displacement and strain maps of complex parts
  • Easier simulation choices, without trial-and-error
  • Fast identification of model error sources

Program benefits

  • Processing of all test and simulation data in a unique integrated solution
  • Reduction of the risks of delay
  • Overall development cost cuts
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A team dedicated to your success

Our people diagnose pain points and develop tailor-made programs

to help you create the most simulation value out of your test data.

From ideation to execution, our job is to build your new skill toolbox.

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  • « Proof of concept » study, adapted to your own success criteria
  • Custom training and competence-building program
  • Evolution of the software solutions according to your needs

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