The EikoSim team supports you

in the realisation and analysis of your mechanical tests instrumented with imaging techniques.

Our services

Design support

On test and realisation of imaging measurements techniques :

The mechanical test instrumented for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) provides a full-field displacement measurement on the entire region of interest (ROI). The measurement data are significantly enhanced. This enables a reduction in the number of tests necessary to characterize material and validate numerical simulations.

Our team provides support on test-design, loading conditions definition and geometry of the tested specimen. We are also able to support you on the setting up of cameras, lights and synchronization means necessary for image capture during the test.


Analysis of images to obtain full-field displacements

measured in 2D, 3D on a surface and 3D in a volume:

Depending on the test, the imaging techniques and the required mechanical quantities, image processing can provide the following displacement full-field measurements:

  • 2D for material specimen testing,
  • 3D on a surface for structures testing,
  • 3D volume for in situ tomography testing.

From these series of images, our team performs the processing and provides you with the displacement and strain field of the tested part, expressed on the kinematic base of the finite element mesh used for your numerical simulations.

These full-field data can be processed to extract several characteristic quantities, such as local deformations or stress intensity factors.

Measurement analysis

for numerical simulation parameters identification:

Analysis are performed on the full-field displacement measurement in order to identify loading conditions (Boundary Conditions) or mechanical parameters implemented in the numerical simulation.

This dialog between test and simulation is performed by our team, and provides mechanical quantities such as material parameters or loading direction of the external forces imposed during the test.


Software development

for specific industrial applications:

Our team develops specific software for automatisation of full-field displacement measurement and test/simulation dialog.

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