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3D multi-camera measurements for test/simulation dialog

EikoTwin enables dialog between tests and real-world simulation. The finite element mesh transferred from the numerical simulation is first used to measure the displacement field on the tested specimen/structure.

This provides a natural continuity on the data from simulation to test, in order to facilitate numerical simulation validation.

The comparison of measured and simulated fields is made automatically. Moreover, numerical simulation can be run with measured boundary conditions in order to provide a simulated result closest to reality.





2D full-field displacement measurements – test monitoring

The 2D full-field displacement is obtained in only a few seconds. « EikoLive enables real-time monitoring of your mechanical tests.

The 2D full-field displacement is calculated and displayed as the images are registered. A detailed report is automatically edited. During the test, the evolution of strain, displacement or user defined variables can be monitored in the entire region of interest.

This technology is based on global Digital Image Correlation. The kinematic basis for the measured displacement field is a finite element mesh, specified and generated by the user in the interface; this mesh can be used subsequently for the numerical simulation.

Digital Volume Correlation :

Amira-Avizo extension

Measurements within a volume

EikoSim developed, in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific and 3Dmagination, a digital volume correlation extension for Thermo Scientific™ Amira-Avizo Software.

This module provides you with the full-field displacement obtained by Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) in the entire region of interest, for images such as tomographic image, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), or provided by any other imaging device.

The displacement field is measured directly on a finite element mesh. This ensure greater confidence in the measured displacement field compared to competitive methods. Furthermore, the measured displacement field can be used as boundary conditions for a finite element analysis.

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