EikoTwin Measure : The first software dedicated to test & simulation data

Finite Element - based 3D Digital Image Correlation

Based on your finite element mesh (*.inp/*.msh/*.vtu…)

use case - maillage
Maillage élément fini

Automated calibration

on the finite element mesh

Multi-view DIC

No technical limitation on the number of cameras

CIN multi-caméras

Many fields available directly

Displacement, strain, residual fields (at pixel scale)

Virtual strain gauges

and displacement sensors

maillage élément fini

Result export at the nodes of the F.E. mesh

Simulation and test data are expressed on the same reference frame, comparison between both becomes easier

Test/Simulation data comparison

Directly from F.E. based simulation results (abaqus odb, ...etc.)

résultat d'une comparaison essai-calcul