Get the best from the real mechanical or material tests data

Simplify and augment the simulation validation

Reduce the development costs

Towards an automatic validation for mechanical simulation

The use of digital simulation in mechanical parts development reduced drasticly the duration of the development.

Yet it came with the validation issue :


Does the simulation model describes the real mechanical behaviour of the part ?

The issues due to validation are uncaped, for the following reasons :

  • The real test data is most of the time not enough to help validation process
  • There are no comparison tools betwenn simulation data and real test data


EikoSim develops EikoTwin


Dedicated to both Tests departments and Simulation department, it is a unique solution to help engineers in the validation process


Acquisition of images

combined with Digital Images Correlation (DIC) allows to track displacement fields on all surfaces viewed by a camera. Data is much more augmented compared to gages and others...

Measurement results are given on the finite element mesh reference.


Then, as they are written in the same reference, these data are sent to a digital twin with the simulation data also.

Into the same digital chain, then we can establish a dialogue between test data and simulation data, to optimize the test parameters, or the simulation itself.


An innovative offer



No equipment dependencies

  • EikoTwin can treat any images set, from any equipment
  • Reduce your equipment costs using the existing
  • Stay free to choose the adequate equipment for your specific application

Annual software licence

  • On-premise set-up to limit security issues
  • Always up to date, support included